06 July 2014

9 Styles for Week-Old Braids *Updated*

I got this #9 style the day before I took out these braids! I couldn't let it go without sharing it with you all. It's now one of my favourites. I hope you enjoy this updated post!

As may know by now, my go to protective styles are braids, be it Senegalese Twists, Crotchet Braids or Box Braids.The maximum amount of time I'll keep them in is 5 weeks, mainly because I can't keep a neat hairstyle for a number of reasons. This time around, My hair was already "roughed up" by 2 weeks because I was sabotaging the style so I could pull the braids out to see and deal with my natural hair. My girlfriend and bf talked me out of it and I've kept the braids in ever since it was done (re-twisting some braids once a week after). 

The styles below are some styles I picked up and are presently doing with my four-week-old what I call my worn out braids. These are great for when the middle or inner top part of the braids start to frizz out. And to top it off, these styles can be done in a matter of minutes! 
Here goes:

1. The Good Ole Braided Bun

How To:
1) Put braids into one using an ouchless band/hair tie or scarf (I have a twa so I can use a rubber band) 
2) Braid (plait) or twist the free braids left out 
3) wrap until the "puffiest" or biggest part of the wrap is in the centre of your head 
4) Secure with another ouchless band 

2. Roll N' Twist
How To:
1) Section hair into 2 halves leaving a few braids out on one side
2) Roll the top half until it reaches the middle of your head and secure with a large hair/bobby pin
3) Gather rest of the hair and do a loose flat twist (or regular twist) and secure end with an ouchless band/hair tie/rubber band.

3. Braided Updo

How To:
1) Do an inverted cornrow (we call it inside canerow here) or a regular cornrow braid from the base/back of the head straight up to the top/front
2) Finish braiding/plaiting the hair out to the end
3) Secure it under with a hair/bobby pin.

4. Braided Upsweep

How To:
1) Do Steps 1 and 2 of the Braided Bun style
2) Pull hair to one side and secure with hair/bobby pin.

5. Prof' and Go 
How To:
1) Part braids to the side (as above) or to the middle if you please
2) Take a few braids from either side of your head and tie them in the middle (3 times so it's secure)
3) Take the rest of the free braids left and take them Over and In into the braids that have been tied (a few at a time, from each side alternately) 
4) Take the final free braids and put it Over and In in to the braids that have been tied until there are no braids hanging.

6. The Braid Down

How To:
1) Part hair to the side
2) Do a cornrow/braid from the start of the parting at the front going straight down to the bottom of your head, gathering hair as you go along
3) Braid/plait hair to the end and secure with hair tie/ouchless band/rubber band

7. The Flat Twist Down

I got this from YouTuber "Peakmill". It's an excellent style that covers all frizz and fuzz in the middle:


How To:
1) Part hair into 2 halves and start flat-twisting fro the side of the head doing straight down to the base/bottom of the head, gathering hair as you go along
2) Finish twisting the end of the hair 
3) Secure with ouchless band/hair tie/rubber band

8. The Flat Twist Pony

This one is also from YouTuber "Peakmill"

How To:
1) Do Step 1 of The Flat Twist Down style 
2) You can either just put the remaining hair in a ponytail or for a fancier 'do, put the hair into a ponytail and wrap the flat-twisted hair around the ponytail and secure with a hair/bobby pin.

9. Side Sweep High Bun
Lovee this :)

How To:
1) Create a side part and set aside that section of the hair (leave that hair out)
2) Roll the remainder of the braids from the base of the head to the crown (like a wrap), pinning it as you go along to secure the braids 
3) Put the remainder of the "rolled hair" into a ponytail
4) Create a bun (whichever way you choose)
5) Take the hair you left out in point (1) and sweep it to the side and secure it with a bobby pin.

There you have it guys! Let me know how they turn out for you!


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