11 February 2015

Wash Day Prep: Crochet Havana Twists

Hi guys!

I took down my last protective style - which felt very moisturized on the take-down by the way - the crochet braids with afro kinky hair.. Only to install another one! Lol. This time, I installed a crochet braids "Havana Twists" version! All these exclamation marks are because the install turned out well lol! Anyhoo, more of that later. Here's how my #WashDayExperience went:

[1] Applied a 10:1 ratio ACV rinse to my scalp and massaged it in for a bit.

[2] Applied the remaining VO5 Tea Therapy Clarifying Conditioner I had left and some Tresseme Naturals conditioner to further clarify my scalp.

[3] Deep Conditioned with a mixture of Tresseme Naturals conditioner, Herbal Essences Hello Hydration conditioner and Castor oil. After ensuring the mixture was saturated throughout my strands, I put my trusty shiny steam cap on and let it sit for about 35 minutes.

[4] Air dried my hair for about 20 minutes.

[5] Applied my DIY Leave-in, Castor oil and Shea Butter mix. Then, I put my hair in hair ties/bands so it would stretch in preparation for my protective style.

Eventually, it took too long to dry so I took the hair ties out and let it air dry.

Then I went on to my install.

The hair was pre-twisted before the install so, after doing a "two-braids-meet-one" braid pattern, I crocheted the twists in. Here are some pictures of the result:

I think it turned out well. I plan to wear this style for 4 weeks.. But we'll see how that goes. How was your wash day? Let's hear it! 
The Wash Day Experience
In the mean time,
Be well. 


04 February 2015

Wash Day: Crochet Cowash Quickie

Hi there,
So I've been wearing my crochet braids with afro kinky hair for about 2 weeks now and, because I've been experimenting with styles and such, I've actually changed the curl pattern & texture of the hair. I've manipulated it soo much that it's become super dry. Nonetheless, I've been wearing it and I'll be wearing it til the wheels come off (.. Or until it reaches the 3 week or more mark).. But that's what synthetic hair is for, right? Lol I loved it. Here's a picture of how I've been wearing it EVERY. DAY. :

Anyhoo, on to my #WashDayExperience:

[1] Saturated my hair with a 8:1 ratio of ACV & water and massaged my cornrows and scalp for about 5 mins

[2] After rinsing the ACV mix out, I again saturated my hair with a mixture of Tresseme Naturals (first time trying this - finally) + Castor oil + Aloe Vera juice.
The remainder of the mixture was put on the extensions (because they were DRY and TUSTY). I combed the extensions out, put them in braids and then Rinsed everything out. I let the extensions stay in braids until I'm ready to hot water them again.

[3] After rinsing I let my hair dry for about 15 minutes, then applied my DIY Leave-in (aloe vera juice + boiled water + coconut oil + Castor oil + a tups of conditioner) to every cornrow and re-twisted my leave out using the LOC method.

I must say my hair is steadily coming back to life. I think the "crispy" reaction was due to the imbalance of the moisturising/detangling mix I use and not following up with the LOC method (I keep leaving off the "C"). It's behaving much better now. Next up, the takedown and another protective style install. All in all, all is well. 

The Wash Day Experience

Be well,