25 January 2015

Kinky Hair Frustrations (and what I'm doing about it)

In a bid to keep my hair moisturized (and not having to re-moisturize every day) I have been..

deep conditioning overnight (light protein),

prepoo-ing overnight,

rinsing with warm water,

doing final rinses with cold water

.. And nothing has worked. And of late my ends have been feeling fried, crispy even. And I'm not sure exactly which stage caused it. 

Those are my kinky hair frustrations.

So I'm going back to basics. 

My hair is now in a protective style (Crochet braids).. And I think it's going to stay that way in the foreseeable future - or at least for a couple of months. So I suppose I could say I'm going on a protective style spree..or challenge. 

During my routine blog reads, I've stumbled on Black Hair Information's "Staggered Protective Styling Regimen" (click here for info) that sounds like something I could work with - with one tweak however, I may keep my styles in a little longer than the stated time. 

I feel like my hair grows more when undisturbed and these "trial and error" things I've been trying has not been helping.

So back to protective styling I go. Hope it lifts my kinky hair spirits.

Be well,