22 April 2014

Crotchet Braids Take down & Wash Day: Hair Update No. IV

Hi there! *waves*

It's been a while since I've blogged about "le hair". I was waiting on all negative vibes about the breakage and such I had and was just soaking up all information on hair (mainly my hair "type") on YouTube, other blogs and asking questions wherever I could to get as much information as I could.

Since my last post I haven't done anything to my hair except do a consistent moisturise & seal routine and leaving my hair alone. It was one day shy of four (4) weeks since I put in the style and it was time yo take it out.  I carefully took down the crotchet braids and carefully de-tangled my hair before doing a wash day. The "Wash Day" term was literal as it took the better part of a day to get all of it done and I chanced nothing in almost all of the steps.

And now, products used in today's wash:

01 April 2014

Crotchet Braids! - Hair Update No. III

Hi there!

After slightly stressing and sulking around the setback I had, I have tried to shake the feeling and channel a little more positive energy my way. What's past is past and the damage (literally) has already been done. 

To help with shaking the "bad feels" I did my hair in Crotchet Braids..and I absolutely LOVE it. I'm surprised I don't have a "crick neck" due to how (Jamaican talk lol) I've been whipping and flashing this hair! I love it and I'm so glad I got it done. Cheered me right up!

So without further ado, here are some pictures I took of the style yesterday (L) and today (R):


I had this installed last Wednesday using Marley hair and did an ACV 1:1 rinse of the hair before putting it in (my hair itches like CRAZY when I put in extensions so this alleviates the itching a bit). I was grateful that the person who put this in for me could actually catch the natural hair parts of which the relaxed ends were broken off and all in all it turned out well. 

Moisturising my Crotchet Braids

To not venture into setback territory, I moisturise with my braid spray every night and try to get the roots as well as the ends of the braids so nowhere is lacking moisture. My braid spray is basically a concoction of what I usually use for my leave-in when I wash my hair. 

Ingredients are: 
- Water
- Tresemme Moisture RIch Conditioner (or any conditioner I have on hand at the time)
- Coconut oil
- Glycerin
- Tea tree oil (if I have it on hand)

I put all of the above in a spray bottle with a small nozzle (so it "mists" the hair and not overload my head with the product), give it a good shake, go through braid by braid and spray the mix on the braid. This hair is too big and WILD for any satin bonnet* I have so I used a yard or so of satin fabric I had (my girlfriend sews) and draped it over my pillows to sleep on. This way, my edges all around and any braid that comes in contact with the pillows while I sleep are taken care of.

My satin fabric *rawr*

* These cheap "satin" bonnets are trash to me as they do nothing for my hair and I'll wake up with coarser hair than I went to bed with. It really is best if you just go to the fabric store, buy a yard of satin fabric and drape it over your pillows. Who knows, you might have left over fabric for a (real) satin scarf!

I'll try to keep this style in for about 3-4 weeks but only my scalp knows the answer to that and the daily moisturising I do are loosening the braids where the breakage occurred plus I haven't washed it yet so hopefully I can go back for those sections to be redone, if possible. But after this is done, I'm putting them right back in..probably with a different hair type. I think this will be my go to hair style for the rest of the year! I love it!

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