27 March 2014

An Official Setback. SET ALL DI WAY BACK.

A couple of days ago I drafted this post and decided to shelf if because it was rife with disappointment and a great deal of sadness. I have since calmed down and realised that 1) things happen and 2) it was a lesson which I know I will learn from because I have analyzed it and I have a clearer understanding as to why and how this setback happened.

How it started

When I was 15 weeks post, I decided it was time to end the relaxer stretch because I was having a really hard time dealing with my hair and I noticed I was seeing split ends. I was following the regular HHJ routine of doing a protein treatment and incorporated hair mayonnaise into my wash routine and deep conditioned after.  After the wash (without thinking about length checks or documenting it via blog), I trimmed about 1 - 1 1/2 inches from my hair all around going section by section. I styled my hair with my go-to relaxer stretch style perm rods. 

I wore the style out for the week and by the weekend thereafter I wanted to try braids one last time before swearing it off completely as I have terrible itching when I wear braids. Before installing the braids, I figured if I'm relaxing my hair after I take the braids out, then another protein treatment would be needed to strengthen my hair before that relaxer. I did another protein treatment that weekend. I put the braids in, took them out (they weren't done properly to me) and re-installed the braids. On Monday last I was randomly running my fingers through my hair (through the canerows - they're Crotchet Braids) and realised there were PATCHES OF HAIR WHERE I ONLY FELT MY NATURAL HAIR. My relaxed hair had COMPLETELY BROKEN OFF in about 3 or 4 sections. As in, there was no relaxed hair there, only new growth. Now, since they're in canerows I kinda sorta freaked out:
I lost it. Then I went on YouTube and searched for breakage and how often it occurs and left comments under videos of people I thought who knew my struggle . I expected it somewhat but I wasn't expecting this. I was ashamed and thoughts of cutting all my hair came over me. I haven't taken any pictures. I was (am?) too embarrassed. My friend who's almost bald-headed told me to cut it off (of course she would). I was beyond hurt. 

Over the past couple of days since this week's "realisation", I took down the braids, saw it wasn't so severe, did a Co-wash and oil rinse, re-installed he braids (carefully - and very loose around the sections) and I have calmed down since then.

From this setback I have learned the following so far:

  1. My hair is protein-sensitive
  2. Slacking off on Moisturising & Sealing after a protein treatment is a HUGE no-no
  3. My new-growth is about 1 inch in the "patched" sections lol
  4. My hair grows a little more than 1/4" per month in most parts of my hair and 1/2" in others.
  5. Moisturise. Moisturise. MOISTURISE.
  6. My natural hair loves the water but my relaxed hair is easily waterlogged which makes it a little more difficult to detangle. I'm going to start experimenting with pre-pooing with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a thicker oil. I'll be saturating or covering my hair with it, leaving it in for 30 minutes to an hour and then try detangling in sections.
Even if I wanted to relax my hair now, I wouldn't. I wouldn't chance a protein-breaking bond service on this "in-treatment and recovering" hair. For now, I'll be just using my homemade braid spray on my hair and my castor oil on my scalp. I also think I'll be doing that Co-wash & oil rinse technique more often as as well. I'm nurturing my hair back to health and I hope to see the back of this setback.

I have plans to do something else with my hair that may help it significantly. 

Stay tuned for the next post!

11 March 2014

Hair Update + Minor stuff: Hair Update No. II

Hey there!

So I've been playing around with blog names because I've decided to create another blog where I blog about any and everything. The name "All Things Gibbie Gibbie" suits that one just fine so I've changed this one to "Le Hair Chronicles" and I'll be using the old name for my new blog. You can check that blog out here

As predicted in my Braided Up Post, my hair has been itching and the Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) rinse did little to stop it. I did the rinse, cleansed my scalp with a cotton ball of ACV and water mix and after 5 minutes my hair was driving me up the wall..and I started tapping my head (unconsciously) to relieve the itch. It would appear I have severe itchy scalp and braids only fueled the itching. I took some pictures this morning to show a one week update:

Yep. That's how it is now. I'm sure they could've looked better after a week but the itching has taken over, regardless how often I use an ACV Rinse. I'd love any suggestions on how to stop the itching. Lol I'd appreciate it greatly. In the meantime, I'll be doing either an ACV Rinse, Co-wash or shampoo wash day tomorrow (yes, mid-week) to see if it will help and do another ACV RInse + Cowash wash on the weekend and re-twist braids that look most fuzzy.

I'll try to keep the style in for at least another 2 weeks and thereafter either relax or do another protective style based on how I feel about my hair then.

Again, if there are any suggestions to relieve itching I'd LOVE to hear from you. 


09 March 2014

Texlax. Always on the fence?

Hey there!

I really can't speak for other texlaxed ladies but I can speak for myself. Since I've started this hair journey, I've been going back and forth repeatedly about whether I should go 100% natural or remain texlaxed. Now, I spend a chunk of my free time watching YouTube videos, reading blogs, looking at hair I come across ever so often on Instagram and the like. And then it happens: "I want to go natural" "I think I'll stay texlaxed". It never ends. There is no conclusion and of late, every time relax day comes around (I'm currently 15 weeks post) I put it off and do something with my hair. I've decided (the only decision I could make :) ) is do a Pros versus Cons list and see how it stacks up. So here goes:

Natural Hair


  • I could do some bomb braidouts and twist outs with my hair!
  • No relaxers! Ever!
  • Hair is at its strongest when compared to texlaxed hair
  • I'm dealing with hair one or two steps down from natural hair so..Why not? Huh? Huh?
  • It would be so awesome to see my natural hair long (even to waist length maybe?). So awesome.
  • I get to say stuff like "100% natural" 


I have Type 4 hair (this isn't a disadvantage btw)..and by the looks of it, it's 4c so:

  • (MAIN ONE) Single Strand Knots! Scariest thing ever! It looks most annoying. I'm bound to have them
  • Do I have the patience to comb through my hair in its natural state?
  • Do I have the time to devote to combing this hair? Granted, the roots during stretches and overall new growth texture is that of my natural hair, but dealing with 100% of that? Could I do it?
  • Would I be able to manage a "twa" and could I rock my hair at that length?
  • I wouldn't readily see a difference between neck length and bra-strap length if it even grew that far (shrinkage).

Remaining Texlaxed 


  • No Single Strand Knots 
  • I can readily see my length after relaxers or straightening
  • Braidouts give pretty good definition versus bone straight hair
  • Hair is manageable so long as I run my hair under the shower during stretches


  •  If I want a sleek, straightened look I'll have to flat iron or go under a dryer (despise them equally) because hair is always "puffy" in its normal state
  • Working with semi-natural hair so it may be time consuming especially during stretches

So..by the looks of these long "cons" I've ended up in the same place I started - Texlax. The "Pros" of both weigh heavily on the mind regardless but it does calm me a bit once I've actually written it down. I was starting to think I had a "Natural Nazi" inside of me asking me questions about "What are you really afraid of?" "WHY don't you want to embrace your natural hair?" But alas, she's also calm at the moment and here ended my thoughts on the topic.

How about you? What are your pros vs cons on natural vs relaxed hair?

04 March 2014

Braided Up! - Hair Update No. I

I've been feeling overwhelmed by my new growth of late (currently 14 weeks post) and didn't want to deal with doing anything with it. I also was not ready to relax my hair..so I got..you guessed it, braids :). I got Senegalese Twists or what we Jamaicans call "rope twists". I did it in big sections and it runs down mid-back. Here are some pictures:


When my hair is braided I tend to touch up my edges for a more "clean" look but I'm trying stay strong and move away from that with the help of my trusty Ecostyler gel.

I hope to keep this in for at least 3 weeks but my past experience with braids is by mid-week of it being done, it itches like crazy or starts to look furry. To combat this, I used ACV to remove the alkaline base off the braids and do ACV rinses once per week and tie my hair down with a satin scarf and bonnet. I'll try my best but I have a low-key feeling I'll be unconsciously tapping my head top stop the itching (._. ).

I like it and I LOVE the fact that I won't have to be doing much to my hair while this style is in. I'll do another post on what I'll be using as braid spray to moisturize my hair and wash day challenges (if any) while this style is in.