03 August 2015

Protective Style Challenge? Yes Please!

Since I really suck at styling/taking care of my hair while it's at this length like I had anything longer than shoulder length hair and, every time I look at my hair nowadays it highlights my failure at protecting my hair from breakage etc., I'm sooo up for a protective style challenge.

..Which is why I signed up for Relaxed Thairapy's 30 Days of Protective Styling Challenge (see details Here). So here are my plans:

I'm keeping this really simple, because the likelihood of me heading out into some bush about the island is high.. and I'm lazy.

So here goes:

Protective Style: Crochet Braids w/ kinky "Marley" hair

Protective Styling Wash Regimen

Seeing as most of Jamaica is currently undergoing chronic drought conditions, I won't be washing my hair every week. I intend to do (1) a conditioner + water mix wash about every 2-3 weeks. I'll then (2) moisturise thereafter with a mix of aloe water, water, castor oil & VO5 conditioner. Dassit.

Protective Styling Weekly Regimen

I'll be spritzing my hair nightly with said moisturizer. I usually don't apply a sealant to my braids since my hair is covered by..hair lol.

My hair is currently in unraveled chiney bumps (a.k.a bantu-knot out) but I intend to put the abovementioned protective style in on or before the coming weekend.

So..I'm on it. I'll post some updates on how goes it..while I'm going through it.

Be well,