27 February 2014

Hair Rebound!

So I've made a rebound after my hair flop mid-week and it actually turned out well! I went back to the drawing board, finger-combed then dry combed my hair (hopefully never again) and put in 3 flat twists. Now I'm no Flat Twist Queen but it did turn out well if I do say so myself. Here are some pictures of how it turned out:

I did 3 in all because if I didn't I'd have sprigs of hair out in the middle (a row in the middle of my hair is short..weave track removal accident :( ) and secured the ends with hair pins.

The aim is to let this style stay in my hair until wash day (Saturday or Sunday) and I think that's achievable. 

Wearing my hair in perm rods gave me the impression that this time around my hair was more manageable. Wrong! I was on the brink of giving up and just putting a scarf around it and letting HR write me up for deportment or something! I HAVE to be a 4d type hair because wooo!! Never again I say!

Ok. rant's over :)

All in all the hair was tamed and made a rebound. Hair of the Mid-Week I'll call it!


26 February 2014

HOTW Fail! :(

Now, I attribute my Hair of the Week initiative to Abbi N's HOTW posts and it's what I've been doing for the past couple of weeks. She has some nice and simple styles on her blog but being the bush girl (I work outdoors) I am, those styles won't fly with me. More importantly, they simply won't stay in my hair because it's so short. The past 2 weeks there's an oldie but goodie I've resurrected which has been doing wonders for my hair..and that is..Perm Rods! Yes! I roll those babies up after putting in my moisturising solution and the next day I look like Shirley Temple! Rave reviews from all at the office and I like seeing them in my hair :)


*plays violin*   ..field day came around and, coupled with the torrential rain that struck (and of course I was outside working), every drop of rain that fell dampened my hopes of maintaining my weekly style leaving my hair soaked and curls gone. 

I'm taking action. I'm finishing this week with what wasn't the protective style I started out with but another I'm going to end it with. I have an idea in mind and, successful or not I'll post pictures.


Needless to say, I loved the rain and for the most part slowly walked around it like I was 5. I did not get sick :)

Have a good evening, all! Lata!

Hello World!

Hi all!

Ok so according to Google blogs I've had this account for almost 4 years and I've never written a blog post. I read hundreds of blog posts and follow almost everything hair and inner peace related so why not put my two cents in? So here I am.

I'll be writing mainly about my hair journey thus far and beyond, observations from what's been happening in my country and maybe the world at large and other things I find fascinating.

While I try to sort this blog out, welcome!