03 December 2014

Wash Day: A Thorough Deep Condition & PS fail

I rather, my curl-friend Trudy did a "shingling" or what others would call a "Wash & Go" on my hair on Tuesday. I used water, extra virgin olive oil and Curls Unleashed gel to smooth the hair until ,y curls set. That lasted until thursday. It isn't for me..it was what seemed like a crazy amount of gel to get my hair to form some curls - it was almost like I was forcing my hair into something it's not. I did realise however, that there are at least three (3) textures on my head: curly in the middle and crown, little to no curl definition almost everywhere else and a straight section at the front of my hairline. Crazy. Anyhoo, here goes my #WashDayExperience:

[1] Cowashed with VO5 Tea Therapy Clarifying Conditioner. I did this to get out the crazy amount of gel residue that was in my hair. This conditioner is more moisturising than the VO5 Herbal Escapes Clarifying Conditioner and it's the best VO5 conditioner I've used thus far. After rinsing it out, my hair felt softer than expected and I was happy.

[2] Deep Conditioned with Creme of Nature Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning Treatment for about 1 hour. I put my hair into five (5 sections), went through and detangled each section, then added some of the DC at the ends and sealed the sections with some castor oil. I was using this product during my texlax and transitioning period and it worked well then. I was searching for a new DC and I would start with an old faithful.

[3] Cowashed with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration conditioner.

[4] Air dried for about 25 minutes.

[5] Added my DIY leave in + castor oil + DIY shea butter mix.

[6] Flat-twisted my hair and left in until the next day. And on Friday night, I twisted my hair with some marley hair extensions. I was inspired by NaturalRose on YouTube (love her voice), where she installed marley hair extensions as a protective style see link here). It was simple and it was easy and I liked it.

I underestimated a couple of things: 1) my hair's density/thickness 2) my technique (still don't know where I went wrong) and 3) how many packs of hair I would need - I had to use 2 packs..and even now my hair is jumbled with hair sticking out under the extensions. I didn't like it. Here's a picture of how it turned out:

The plan was to keep the style in for 2 weeks..but if it stays in any longer I'm going to poke and prod at it, which would defeat the purpose of a protective style. So that's that.

Some observations I've noticed from my wash days of late: 
  • I had to readjust my technique for applying product. I am now just noticing that when applying product, I tend to put the product on the top of my hair and "rub it up". Madness. Knowing that now, I've started to section my hair off, go through my hair with the product, applying from root to tip on all strands and a little extra on the ends. I hope no damage has been done. My hair ends have been feeling a little rough so I surmise that has something to do with it. If more deep conditioning doesn't result in better ends, I'll be snipping them off.

  • I have also noticed that my hair doesn't like "out" styles. It gets soo dry so easily. And, since I'm not really that verse on combing my hair at this length (still waiting on that length for roll, tuck and pin styles lol), I think I'll be doing more protective styles just to be on the safe side.

I hope you all had great wash days as well and I look forward to reading them all.

The Wash Day Experience

Be well,


  1. I totally understand what you mean about applying product. I realized that I tend to apply extra product to my roots, so I had to switch it up. Now I start applying at the bottom so that my ends don't miss anything!

    Your marley twists will rock next time chica. I've heard that it takes practice.

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

  2. Before I started taking better care of my hair, I used to just put on the product without taking the time to make sure each section was covered. Sectioning really helps so much. My hair (especially my new growth) doesn't like out styles either but I don't want to get my hair braided because the stylists tend to be so rough. At least you're learning more about what you can do for your hair. :-)


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