10 August 2014

Yarn Locs: Tips During and After Install & Hair Care (Part 1)

As promised, I've been compiling some information on Yarn Locs (a.k.a Yarn Wraps/Faux Locs) to do a post on the style since I currently have it in. So here goes: 

Tips: During & After the install 

Yarn Locs, as I said in previous post here, are done by braiding or twisting your own hair with yarn and then wrapping that braid or twist around the loc. 

Tip #1: When doing the braid or twist, take the amount of yarn you need (depends on the thickness of the loc/wrap you are trying to achieve, and ensure the braid/twist is the length you want the wrap to be. I advise that the braid be a little more than how you want it to end up (just in case).

Additionally, When wrapping, ensure the pieces of yarn being used to wrap the braid are longer than the braided/twisted yarn itself. I would say a little more than double the length of the braided/twisted yarn. It is much easier to cut then excess yarn left after wrapping than to be repeatedly adding more yarn while wrapping.

Sidenote: In between the braiding and wrapping of your Yarn Locs, remember to moisturise your natural hair with your LOC/Moisturise & Seal method before you've completed your yarn wrap/loc. As I said in my previous post, this style is like the ultimate protective style i.e., your hair is significantly/completely covered. It's best to lock in that moisture before the wrap is done.

Tip #2: You don't have to, but if you're doing the yarn locs for the first time and you're a beginner, I would advise that you use 3 pieces of yarn to wrap your braided or twisted yarn. Why? 3 pieces of yarn have more coverage that 2 pieces, which make it harder for you to not miss any spaces that weren't covered with 2 pieces. 

Tip #3: After wrapping the braid/twist, make about 2 or 3 knots at the end of the wrap. Ensure the knots are made around the wrap and under the wrap to secure it. Also ensure you seal the wrap/loc by burning it with a lighter or match. 

Tip #4: Yarn Locs have to be wrapped taut to prevent unravelling. But that shouldn't be done tight that you'll have headaches for days. Ensure the person doing the style does not braid or twist the style tight or grip the sectioned hair too tight. It is not necessary as the braid/twist will be covered.

Tip #5: Do not start the wrap at your scalp or too close to your scalp. It is advisable to start at the beginning of the braid or twist. You can also start wrapping the loc a little looser at the scalp, then wrap tighter or taut continuing down the length of the wrap. This will prevent stress on the scalp and when the wrap is completed and sealed, the base and scalp will feel a bit looser.

Tip #6:  For a polished look, dip locs in hot water (as you would if you were doing a braided or twisted extension style). This also aids in softening them up a bit. Also note that the slender the loc/wrap, the more flexible it will be overall.

What To Expect After Install?

There will be some discomfort when sleeping and styling for the first couple of days, especially if your hair care professional did the braids tight and/or started wrapping at the scalp tightly. The wraps will feel stiff after the install. The hot water will loosen the locs up but ultimately, if you're feeling pain after a week, I think you should take out the ones hurting the most and re-do them. That's what I did when my hair was done a little too tight.

Additionally, some locs will unravel. If it happens, just cut the end of the loc, re-do it, knot it and burn the ends (and close to the ends) lightly. Don't sweat it.

In Part 2 I'll be detailing my hair care regimen while my hair is in these Yarn Locs. Stay tuned :).

Be well,

Disclaimer: The abovementioned post are just some helpful hints I picked up before my install (on YouTube), after my install (when some braids started unravelling) and info I used to redo them that I picked up via trial and error and YouTube. I am not a licensed hair practitioner/consultant or hair anybody :). Please enjoy the post.

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