11 August 2014

Yarn Locs: Tips During and After Install & Hair Care (Part 2)

Continuing from Part 1, this post looks at my hair care regimen while my hair is in this Yarn Loc style. I was actually waiting on my first wash day to come around before publishing this post. 

Wash Routine

(Sidenote: If your hair is anything like mine, Co-washing alone will not help - I tried). 

  • Shampoo with any diluted cheapie shampoo OR use ACV + Water mix to lift buildup from scalp.
  • Co-wash with Tressemme Moisture & Water Alberto VO5 Clarifying Conditioner (60% conditioner/40% warm water mix)
  • Rinse with Cold Water. 
  • T-Shirt Dry. I try to wring out the excess water out of the locs because they are heavy when wet. No joke.

Moisture Routine

  • DIY Leave in mix once or twice a week. I fully saturate the Yarn Locs to where I think my hair ends so the mix reaches to my natural hair underneath.

In Between Routine

  • Moisturise the first row of locs I took out (at the back - in 3 chiney bumps/bantu knots) at least once a week. I moisturise with my DIY Leave in mix and my shea butter mix. Here's a picture of the leave out:

  • ACV + Water mix on scalp to "lift" buildup and relieve itching (my hair itches a lot!)
  • Castor Oil or Coconut Oil scalp massages to loosen up any wraps that I might have re-done (for whatever reason - I'm like that). I also use the oil to massage my scalp whenever my hair itches.


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